Behind every stone, there is a story. A story written by Mother Nature on how the stones are infused with positive energies by the way they are created.

It is a belief that having these stones close by, brings about positive energy, leading to a positive mindset and eventually translating to a happy life.
At Embrace SG, we have the passion to bring to you a "happy life" by the way of a bracelet. A bracelet that symbolizes nature and having its positivity embrace around your hands. Thus, the company is named after this inspiration.

- Our Mission -

"Artisanal Bracelets crafted to Perfection"
To put it simply, we create our bracelets with 2 things in mind:
1. modern and fashionable look
2. good in quality

- The Logo -

The logo is designed with the letters 'E' and 'B', the acronyms of the word EmBrace.
But here is where it gets interesting, it is also designed after the Chinese character ‘串’ (pronounce: chuan) which means "stringing together", like how our bracelets are made.
We loved what we have put together and we think you'd too!
So we hope you will join us on this journey in looking good and feeling great!